Farm Park Fun Day

Sampson Road Residents Association, KIKIT Pathways to Recovery and SureStart came together to put on this fantastic community fun day. A lot of organisation, form filling and grey hairs later, the event went fantastically well. Even up to closing time of 5 pm, people were queuing up for the entertainment. We had bouncy castles, face painting, balloon making, smoothie bike, food stalls, ice cream van and not forgetting the contribution of Active Parks who put on various sporting activities. A great day and we will be putting on more of these! Big thanks to all the volunteers without whom this would not be possible. Big thanks also to the local Police for turning up in a Police car which the kids loved! Also thanks to Highgate Fire crew who came down too. Great effort all round.

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    Amirah Foundation Event

    A great event organised by the Amirah Foundation yesterday. We had the opportunity to meet the people involved who are helping women who have been abused or left homeless and trying to get them the valuable support these women need. Some really heart moving stories.

    Great to catch up with Mark Rogers too (Birmingham City Council) and Councillor Waseem Zaffar.


    Balsall Heath Forum Awards

    Once again we saw the good work being carried out by volunteers in Balsall Heath. Piloting the ship, Abdullah Rehman and his team have made a difference to the community in which they live. Also awarded on the night were members of the Sparkbrook Neighbourhood Forum (Qasim Farooq) and support and need for KIKIT Pathways to recovery were also demonstrated.